Position trading

This is a long-term trading strategy with periods ranging from a month, to several months or even years. Position trading is practiced predominantly by those who believe strongly in fundamental analysis and how macroeconomic factors influence future currency price.

Position trading is best suited if you

1. Are not bothered by market noise or short movements. You decide trades based on the big picture.

2. Are good at reading fundamental factors and have a good understanding of how it affects currency pair prices over time.

3. Shave a large enough trade balance to weather sharp market movements that may last for weeks before returning to normal levels.

4. Are patient and calm.

5. Are not interested in short gains and stick to your trading plan unless new information demands trading plan modification.

Traditionally, position trading is done by large institutions with deep pocks and dedicated resources. However, there are individual traders who have over years mastered how certain currency pairs move over economic cycles.

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