Dealing desk Vs Non-Dealing desk – Which one is better?

Choosing a broker is a function of your trading style, though the actual choice is entirely your decision. Some of you may like the feel of working with one trading platform compared to others while others may prefer mobile platforms and go with a broker who specializes in it.

We recommend choosing one type over the other based on your trading style above all other criteria.

Day traders and scalpers would prefer smaller spreads. Smaller the spread or slippage, the better off traders are when they make multiple trades a day and try to take in small profits. It reduces overall transaction cost. Hence you are better off going with a Non-dealing desk. The fixed spread provided by the dealing desks can also be an advantage for a trader whose main strategy is trading the news. However, many brokers lock out trading during periods when big news release. So look how brokers have reacted in the past when important news was released.

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