Forex trading style

Every trader is different, has his own personality, risk tolerance and characteristics. These personal traits play a significant role in the way you will execute trades. Who you are as person defines who you are as a trader. It will influence your trading style.

To better match personality to trading styles we have dedicated a section entirely for this purpose: "What kind of trader are you?" Here we will discuss which type of trading fits you.

The main trading styles are: Day trader, Scalper, Swing trader and Position trader.

Lifestyle comes into play

Everyone has a lifestyle which defines how much time you have left for new activities such as trading. If you spend 2 hours learning how to trade forex, we recommend at least the same amount every day when you are trading for real (at least for the first 3 months). After all, it is your hard earned money.

Decide how much spare time you have. If you think there is none, look for an activity you can take some time away from. Do you spend hours on your PS3? Well, that's something you could cut down on for some money making activity! If you are a position trader, you could just take time out of your weekend.

So choose your operation hours and trade wisely with enough consideration for your lifestyle needs. And then Commit to it!

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