Follow a working routine

Trading in forex, as with other financial instruments works best when you follow a diligent routine. It becomes part of your system.

As part of your routine do the following:

Step 1: Review open positions from previous days and make any necessary adjustments (changing stop losses,etc.)

Step 2: Reviewing yesterday's trade(s).
Step 3: Quick check on Economic calendar near fundamental factors, news feeds for important news.

Step 4: Check technical indicators you have been following for trades.

Step 5: Being ready to trade when the next trading session opens.

Today all your trading tools can be found online. We recommend Bloomberg for latest market information. Validate that your current forex system or strategy still holds strong.

You routine is like warm-up before the work-out. It's a must do for your success. It will add rigor to your trading plan, rather than get overwhelmed with the amount of information that is coming out.

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