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News about fundamental indicator moves fundamental currency pairs! So, to be successful in forex trading, you have to stay connected to the latest information at all times. But how?

A search for "forex news" in Google or Yahoo or Bing will return millions of search results and yet not the one relevant for you. Nevertheless, to be a successful trader you will have to overcome this barrier. And this is how it is done.

Information sources

While there are many sources of news, the most reliable are from traditional sources who have dominated the news market for years. If you find economic news any where else it is most likely extracted from these sources:

- Reuters

- The Wall Street Journal

- Bloomberg



The Economic Calendar is the single most important tool to effectively tap into economic release and market information from around the world. As a beginner or a part-time trader, this is the best tool to learn trading based on fundamental factors.

How to read a Economic Calendar?

Economic Calendar

Real-time feeds

If you are a looking to be day trader or a full-time trader, you will need access to real-time information to capitalize on sudden price movement. Financial TV networks exist 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you up-to-the-minute action on all of the world's financial markets. You can rely on industry leaders such as Bloomberg TV, Fox Business, CNBC and CNN.

Once you open a trading account with one of the forex brokers, you can subscribe to real-time data that comes from your trading platform. This is a complementary feature provided by most brokers.

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