Scalping - Are you a Scalper?

Scalping is a style of forex trading that involves making quick trades within seconds or minutes. Trades are usually placed in opposite directions (a long followed by short or vise versa). Depending on your personality you might naturally fit and enjoy this style of trading.

Scalping is best suited if you

1. Like fast paced trading
2. Make quick decisions
3. Prefer quick but small profits
4. Want to limit losses to small amounts
5. Are focused and can concentrate on charts for a good amount of time

Note: Not suited for those who get stressed in fast paced environment, and/or like to analyse trade decisions for long durations.

Trade features for consideration

- Trade the most liquid pairs - gives you tighter spreads.

- Focus on a currency pair you are comfortable with – each pair has its characteristic traits.

- Trade during the best hours to trade.

- Stick to your trading plan

- Account for spreads to calculate ROI

- Manage risks with stop-loss to mitigate sudden swings.

Master the forex scalping strategy at the Strategy Center.

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