Forex dictionary


A consolidating merger A Share Abandon Abandonment option
Abatement ABC Agreement ABC Consumer comfort index-United States ABC Model
ABC System Abeyances Ability to pay Above par
Absolute advantage Absolute priority rule Absorbed Absorption rate
Abstract title Abusive tax shelter Accelerated benefits Accelerated Cost Recovery System
Accelerated Depreciation Acceleration clause Accept Acceptance
Acceptance for settlement Acceptor Accidental death benefit Accommodation paper
Accommodative monetary policy Account Account aggregation Account balance
Account executive Account History Account reconciliation Account statement
Accountant Accountant's letter Accountant's opinion Accounting
Accounting Currency Accounting equation Accounts payable Accounts receivable
Accounts receivable aging Accounts receivable financing Accounts receivable turnover Accredited investor
Accredited Personal Financial Planning Specialist Accreted value Accretion Accretive
Accrual basis accounting Accrual bond Accrual of discount Accrual Swap
Accruals Accrue Accrued benefit Accrued dividend
Accrued expense Accrued interest Accumulated depreciation. Accumulated dividend
Accumulated earnings Accumulated earnings tax Accumulation Accumulation bond
Accumulation period Accumulation unit Accumulative Swing Index (ASI) ACH
Acid-test ratio Acknowledge Acquisition Acquisition cost
Across the board ACRS Action Action to quiet title
Active account Active asset Active income Active management
Active market Active money Active participant Activity
Activity Analysis Activity Based Budgeting Activity Based Costing Activity Based Management
Activity Dictionary Activity Driver Activity Level Activity-Based Planning
Actual market Actuals Actuarial assumption Actuarial equivalent
Actuarial evaluation Actuary Ad valorem Add-on service
Additional paid-in capital Additional principal payment Adequacy of coverage Adhesion contract
Adjudication Adjustable life insurance Adjustable rate Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Adjustable rate preferred stock Adjusted balance method Adjusted basis Adjusted book value
Adjusted debit balance Adjusted futures price Adjusted Gross Income Adjusted Retail Sales - Switzerland
Adjusting entry Adjustment Adjustment bureau Adjustment date
Administrative systems Administrator Admitted carrier Adoption credit
Advance Advance rate Advance refunding Advance retail sale
Advance-decline line Adventure capitalist Advertising Advertising sales ratio
Advertorial Advisor Advisory letter ADX Directional Movement index
AED AFA Affidavit Affiliate
Affiliated chains Affiliated person Affiliated wholesalers Affinity fraud
Affirmative obligations Affordability analysis Affordability index Afghani
AFN After acquired clause After market After-acquired collateral
After-hours trading After-tax After-tax basis After-tax contribution
Against the box Age-weighted plan Agency Agency bond
Agency securities Agent Agent banks Agglomeration
Aggregate Aggregate corporation- Aggregate Demand Aggregate demand curve
Aggregate exercise price Aggregate Risk Aggregate Supply Aggregate supply curve
Aggressive Aggressive growth fund Aggressor AGI
Aging schedule Agio Agreement among underwriters AIG Performance of Service Index (Australia)
Albanian Lek Alert Algerian Dinar Alien corporation
Alienation clause Alimony ALL All Industry Activity Index Japan
All or any part All or none All-risks coverage Allegation
Allied member Alligator spread Allocation Allonge
Allotment Allottee Allowance Allowance for doubtful accounts
Allowance of depreciation Alpha Alternate account Alternate payee
Alternative asset Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Alternative order AMD
Amended return Amendment American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) American Depositary Receipt (ADR)
American Depositary Share American Municipal Bond Assurance Corporation American Option American Stock Exchange
American-style option AMEX Amortization Amortization method
Amortization of premium Amortization schedule Amortization term Amortized
Amortized value Amount Analyse Analysis
Analyst Andorran Franc Andorran Peseta Andrews Pitchfork
ANG Angel Angel investor Angolan Kwanza
Announcement date Annual exclusion Annual meeting Annual mortgagor statement
Annual Percentage Rate Annual Percentage Yield Annual reports Annual returns
Annualize Annualizing Annualizing Annuitant
Annuitize Annuity factor method Annuity unit Antedate
Anti dilutive Anticipated holding period Anticipation note Antique
Antitrust laws ANZ Commodity Price Index - New Zealand ANZ Job Advertisements - Australia AOA
Applicable federal rate Applied economics Appreciation Arbitrage
Around ARS Ask (Offer) Price Asset
Asset Allocation Assignment Association Cambiste International At Best
At or Better At Par Forward Spread At the Price Stop-Loss Order At-the-Money
Attributes Auction AUD Autocorrelation
Average Rate Option Averse opinion AWG AZN


Back door financing Back months Back Office Back pay
Back taxes Back to Back Back-end load Back-to-back loan
Backdate Backdoor listing Backup withholding Backward integration
Backwardation Bad debt Bad debt reserve Bailment
Balance of payments Balance of Trade Balance Sheet BAM
Bank Credit Bank Line Bank of England Banknotes
Bar Chart Bar Graph Barrier Option Base Currency
Base loan amount Base market value Base pay rate Base period
Base point Base premium Base Price Base rate
Basic convergence Basis Basis Trading Basket
BBD BDT Bear (ish) Bear Market
Bear Put Spread Best Practices BGN BHD
Bid Price BIF Big Figure Bilateral Clearing
Bill of Activities Bill of Resources Black-Scholes BMD
BND BOB Bollinger Bands Book
Booked BOV Break of Which Break Out
Breakaway Gap Breakeven Bretton Woods Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944
BRL Broken Dates / Period Broker BSD
BTN Bull (ish) Bull Market Bull Spread
Bulldogs Bullion Bundesbank (Buba) Butterfly Spread
Buyer / Taker Buying/Selling BWP BYR


C Corporation C shares Cable
CAD Cafeteria plan CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate Calendar effect
Calendar Spread Calendar year Call date Call money market
Call money rate Call option Call protection Call provision
Call ratio backspread Call risk Call swaption Callable bond
Callable loan Callable stock Called away Called bond
Cambodia Riel Cameroon Franc Canadian Dollar Cancel
Cancel order Cancellation of debt Cancelled check Candlestick Chart
Cap Cap / Blanket Cap rate Capacity
Capacity Management Capacity utilization Capacity utilization rate Capex - capital expenditure
Capital Capital account Capital appreciation Capital appreciation fund
Capital asset Capital gains Carry Grid Carry Trade
Cash Credit Cash Market Cash on deposit CDF
Central Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD) Channel Chartists
CHE CHF Chooser option CHW
Clean float Cleared funds Clearing Clearing House Automated Payment System (CHAPS)
Clearing House Interbank Payment System (CHIPS) CLF Closed Position Closing Market Rate
CLP CME Group CNY Co-owner
Coincident indicator Collateral Commission Commitments
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Compound Option Confirmation Constraint
Construction expenditure Consumer confidence Consumer Price Index (CPI) Contagion
Contango Continued Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) Contract (Lot)
Contract for Difference (CFD) Contribution Margin Conversion Rate Convertible Currency
COP Copey Corporation Tax Correction
Correlation Correspondent bank Cost Center Cost Driver
Cost Driver Analysis Cost Element Cost Management Cost Object
Cost Object Driver Cost Pool COU Counter currency
Counterparty Countervalue Country Risk Covariance
Cover on a bounce Cover on Approach Covered Call Crawling Peg
CRC Credit Default Swap Credit Risk Credit Spread
Credit Union Cross rate Cross Subsidy CRR
CUP Cup With A Handle Currency Basket Currency Pair
Currency Risk Currency Swap Currency Symbol Current Account
Custodian Customers Advance CVE Cyclical


Daily Charts Daily Cut-Off
Daily high Daily low Daily trading limit Daisy chaining
Danish Krone Date draft Date of issue Date of maturity
Date of payment Date of record Dated date Dawn raid
DAX 100 Day loan Day Order Day order
Day trader Day Trading Daylight trade Days payable
Days receivable Days Sales Outstanding - DSO DCF - Discounted Cash Flow De facto
De jure corporation De-escalation clause Dead cat bounce Deal Blotter
Deal flow Deal stock Deal Ticket Dealer
Dealer bank Dealer market Dealing Desk Death benefit
Debenture Debenture stock Debit Default
Deficit Deflation Deflator Delivery
Delta Demo Account Depositary Receipt Depreciation
Depth of Market Derivative Descending Triangles Details
Deutschmark Devaluation Direct Cost Direct Quote
Dirty Float (Managed Float) Discount Rate Discount Spread Discounting of Bill
Discretionary Account Disinflation Divergence Diversified Carry Basket
DJF DKK DOP Double Barrier Option
Double Top and Bottom Dow Theory Drawdown Dual Currency Service
Dual Currency Swap Dual Exchange Rate Durable Goods Orders DZD


E-commerce E-mini EAFE Index Early exercise
Early retirement Early settlement Early withdrawal Early withdrawal penalty
Earned benefit Earned income Earned income tax credit Earned premium
Earned surplus Earner Earnest money Earning asset
Earning capacity Earning potential Earnings Earnings adequacy ratio
Earnings allowance Earnings announcement Earnings before Interest after Taxes (EBIAT) Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT)
Earnings before tax Earnings calendar Earnings cap Earnings credit
Earnings credit rate (ECR) Earnings drift Earnings estimate Earnings growth
Earnings management Earnings momentum Easing ECN
Econometrics Economic Calendar Economic Indicator EEK
Effective Exchange Rate Efficient Market Theory EFT EGP
Elliot Wave Theory End of the Day (Mark to Market) Envelopes Equilibrium
ERN Escrow Account ETB EUR
Euro Euro Interbank Offered Rate (Euribor) Eurobond Eurocurrency
Eurodollar Bonds European Central Bank (ECB) European Union European-style Option
Excess Margin Deposits Execution Exercise Exotic Option
Exotics Expiration Date Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Exposure


Face amount Face interest rate Face rental rate Face Value
Face-amount certificate Facility fee Fact book Factor analysis
Factor cost Factor endowment Factor income Factor market
Factor model Factor portfolio Factor return Factor's lien
Factoring Factors of production Factory gate price Factory Orders
Facultative reinsurance FAD multiple Fail position Fair market value
Fair market value lease Fair price Fair price provision Fair rate of return
Fair rental value coverage Fair tax Fair trade Fair trade investing
Fair value Fair value hedge Fair weather fund Fairly valued
Fairness opinion Fakeout Fallen building clause Fallout risk
False advertising False breakout False market False signal
False weight Fama-French three-factor model Family company Family finances
Family firm Family income rider Family of funds Far month
Far option Farm assets Farm coverage part Farm Credit Bank
Farm Credit System Farm personal property Farm Price Index (FPI) Farm property coverage form
Farmer Mac Farmland Fast Market Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Federal Funds Rate (FFR) Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) Federal Reserve Board
Fiat Currency Fibonacci Numbers Fill Fill or Kill
Fill Price Financial contagion Financial Ratio Analysis Financial Services Authority (FSA)
Financial Statement Firm Quote First In First Out (FIFO) Fiscal Policy
Fisher Effect Fixed Exchange Rate Fixing FJD
FKP Flag and Pennant Flat on a failure Flat/Square
Floating Interest Rate Floor Floortion Force Majeure
Foreign Currency Effect Foreign Exchange (Forex) Forward Contract Forward Points
Forward Rate Forward rate agreement (FRA) Free Reserves Front Office
Fundamental Analysis Fundamental Trader Funding Currency Futures Contract
FX Forward


G7 bond G8 GAAP
GAAP Gabon Franc Gains from trade Galloping inflation
Gambian Dalasi Gambler's fallacy Game theory Gaming industry ETF
Gamma Gamma neutral GAO Gap down
Gap insurance Gap loan Gap ratio Gap up
Garbatrage Garden apartment Gas at the pump futures Gate provision
Gatekeeper Gather in the stops GATT Gazump
Gazumping GBP GDP GDP deflator
GDP per capita GDR Geisha bond GEL
General account General agent General and administrative General Arrangements to Borrow
General average General cash offer General contractor General equilibrium
General fund General insurance General journal General ledger
General ledger account General liability insurance General lien General meeting
General mortgage General mortgage bond General partner General partnership
General plan General reserve General Securities Representative Examination General Services Administration
General undertaking General warranty deed Generalized System of Preferences Generational accounting
Gentleman's agreement Geographic risk Geometric mean German Mark
Gestation repo Ghosting GHS GIC
Giffen good Gift causa mortis Gift coupon Gift deed
Gift letter GIP GMD GNF
Gold Contract Gold Standard Golden Cross Goldilocks Economy
Good-till-Cancelled Order (GTC) Grid Trading Gross Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Gross National Product GTQ GYD


Hague Securities Convention
Haircut Half stock Half-commission man Half-life
Half-yearly Halloween Strategy Halo effect Hambrecht & Quist Technology Index
Hammering the market Hard Currency Head and Shoulders Hedge Fund
Hedge/Hedging Hierarchy of Cost Assignability High/Low Historical Volatility
Hit the Bid HKD HNL Horizontal Spread
Housing Starts HRK HTG HUF


Icahn lift Iceberg order Iceland Krona
Iceland Stock Exchange Ichimoku cloud IDC deposits Identifiable asset
Identifiable intangible asset Identified shares Identity score Identity theft
Idiosyncratic risk IDR If done order If-converted method
Illegal dividend Illiquid Illiquid assets ILS
Implied Volatility In the Money Index Funds Indicative Quote
Indirect Cost Industrial Production Infection Inflation
Initial Margin INR Instalment credit Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Index
Institutional Investor Interbank Rates Interbank/Interdealer Market Interest
Interest (Rate) Interest Rate Swap International Monetary Fund (IMF) International Monetary Market (IMM)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) International Securities Dealers Association (ISDA) Intervention Intra-Day Position
Intrinsic Value Investment Investment Banking Investment Management


JMD Jobber JOD Joint Account


Kairi Relative Index Kangaroo bond Kansas City Board of Trade
Kappa Karachi Stock Exchange Keiretsu Keltner channel
Kennedy Round Kenyan Shilling KES Key Currency
Key employee insurance Key holding Key industry Key lot
Key money Key performance indicators Key rate Key rate duration
Key reversal day Keynesian Economics KGS KHR
Kickback Kicker Kiddie Tax Kijun line
Kitchen sink bond Kiwi Kiwi bond KMF
Knock for knock Knock In Knock Out Knock-in option
Knock-out option Knockdown price Korea Composite Stock Price Index Korea Investment Corporation
Korea Stock Exchange (KRX) KPW KRW Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA)
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD KYD KZT


Labor Labor burden Labor force Labor market
Labor Productivity Labor relations Labor turnover Labor-intensive
Labour dispute Labour union Ladder Option Ladder strategy
Laddering a stock Lady Macbeth Strategy Laffer Curve LAFTA
Lagged reserves Lagging Indicator Laissez-faire Laissez-faire economics
LAK Lakh Lambda Land agent
Land bank Land banker Land banking Land capacity
Land contract Land description Land economics Landed cost
Landeszentralbank Lapse Lay Off LBP
Leading Indicators Leads and Lags Lesser Developed Country (LDC) Leverage (Margin)
Liability Life Cycle Cost Limit Order Limit Price
Limited Convertibility Line Chart Liquid Market Liquidation
Liquidity LKR Loans Loans from Co-operative Bank
London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE) Long Lookback Option
Loonie Lot LRD LSL


M1 M2 M3 Maastricht Treaty
Macaroni defense Macau Pataca Macaulay Duration MACD
MACD Histogram Macedonia Denar Macro risk Macro-based
Macro-hedge Macroeconomics MACRS MAD
Maggie Mae (MGIC) Mail-order catalogue Mainstream corporation tax Maintenance (Margin)
Maintenance bond Maintenance call Maintenance fee Maintenance margin requirement
Maintenance markup Major currency Major Fraud Act of 1989 Major medical insurance
Major pairs Majority ownership Majority shareholder Majority voting
Make a market Make whole provision Make-whole call provision Malaysia Commodity Exchange
Malaysia Derivatives Exchange Malaysian Ringgit Maldives Rufiyaa Malfeasance
Maloney Act Malpractice Malpractice insurance Maltese Lira
Managed account Managed care Managed currency fund Managed derivatives fund
Managed earnings Managed economy Managed Float Managed forex account
Managed fund Manual Trading Manufacturing Production Margin
Margin Account Margin Call Marginal Risk Marked to Market
Market Close Market Maker Market Order Market Rate
Market Risk Marketing Martingale System Maturity
Maximum Leverage MDL Mean Reversion MetaTrader
MetaTrader 4 trading platform MGA Middle Rate Mine and Yours
Mini Account Minimum Price Contract MKD MMK
MNT Mobile Trading Module Momentum
Monetarist Monetary Base (M0) Monetary Easing Monetary Policy
Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) Money Manager Money Supply MOP
Mortgage Most Favored Nation Moving Average (MA) Moving Average Convergence / Divergence (MACD)
MRO MTL MUR Mutual Fund


Nagoya Stock Exchange Naked call Naked option Naked position
Naked Put Naked shorting Naked title Naked warrant
Naked writer Name position bond Named beneficiary Named fiduciary
Named insured Named nonowner coverage Named peril coverage Named perils insurance
Namibia Dollar Nanny tax Nano cap Nano lot
NAPM index Narrative report Narrow based weighted average Narrow basis
Narrow Market Narrow money Narrow-based index (NBI) Narrowing the spread
NASD Nasdaq Nasdaq 100 After Hours Indicator NASDAQ-100
Natural monopoly Negative Carry Pair Negative or Bearish Divergence Net Asset Value (NAV)
Net Position Net Worth Netting New Home Sales
News Trading NGN Nickel NIKKEI
NIO Noise NOK Non-Client Order
Non-Dealing Desk Nonfarm Payrolls Nostro Account Not Held Basis Order
Note Notional Amount NPR NZD


Obamanomics Object code Objectivity Objectivity principle
Obligation bond Obligee Obligor OCC
Occupancy agreement Occupancy fraud Occupancy permit Occupancy rate
Occupational accident Occupational disease Occupational hazard Occupational pension
October Effect Odd coupon Odd date Odd Lot
Odd lot buy/sell ratio Odd lotter Odd-days interest Odd-lot buyback
Odd-lot dealer Odd-lot resale Odd-lot short-sale ratio Odd-lot theory
Off-Balance Sheet Offer Official Settlements Account Offsetting Transaction
Offshore Bank Old Lady Omnibus Account OMR
One Cancels Other Order (OCO Order) Open Interest Open Market Operations Open Order
Open Position Opening Price Opening Purchase Option
Option Class Option Series Order Oscillator
Out of the money Outright Deal Outright Forward Over-the-counter Market
Overbought Overdraft Overheating Overnight
Overnight Limit Oversold Owner


PAB PAC bond PAC tranche Pac-man
Pacific Exchange Pacific Rim Pacific Stock Exchange Package Deal
Package loan Package mortgage Package policy Paid up
Paid-in capital Paid-in surplus Paid-up capital Painting the tape
Paired sales analysis Pairing off Pairs trade Panel data
Panic buying Panic peddling Panic selling Paper asset
Paper currency Paper dealer Paper gain Paper gold
Paper industry ETF Paper loss Paper millionaire Paper offer
Paper profit Paper trading Paper trail Paperchase
Par Par bond Par Spread Parabolic indicator
Parabolic Stop and Reverse (SAR) Parallel economy Parallel importing Parallel loan
Parent company Pareto Analysis Parities Parity
Partial Lot Peg PEN Performance Measures
Permitted Currency PGK PHP Pip
PKR PLN Point and Figure Charts Political Risk
Position Premium Price Transparency Prime Rate
Principal Process Producer Price Index (PPI) Profit & Loss or (P & L)
Profit Taking Profitability Analysis Purchasing Power Parity Put Option
Put-call Parity Put/Call Ratio PYG


Qstick indicator Quadruple witching hour Quadruple Witching Week Qualification period
Qualification rate Qualification ratio Qualification requirements Qualified acceptance
Qualified accounts Qualified annuity Qualified automatic contribution arrangement Qualified buyer
Qualified disclaimer Qualified distribution Qualified dividend Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor
Qualified Eligible Participant Quantitative Analysis Quantitative Easing Quote
Quote Currency


Rainbow option Rally Range
Range Trading Rate Rate Differential Rate of Return
Rating agency Ratio Spread Reaction Real-time
Realized Profit & Loss Recession Reciprocal Currency Rectangle
Regulated Market Relative Strength Index (RSI) Repo Rate Repurchase Agreement (REPO)
Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Reserve Currency Reserves Resistance
Resource Driver Resources Retail Prices Index (RPI) Retail Sales
Revaluation Reversal Risk Risk Capital
Risk Management Rollover Rollover Credit Rollover Debit
Rollover Rate RON Round Lot Round Trip
Rounding Top and Bottom RSD RUB Running a Position


Same Day Transaction SAR SBD
SCR SDG SEK Sell Stop Order
Selling Rate Selling Short Settlement Settlement Date
Settlement Risk SGD Short Position Short Squeeze
Shout Option SHP Sidelined Simple Moving Average (SMA)
SKK Slippage SLL Society for World-wide Interbank Telecommunications (SWIFT)
Soft Market SOS Sovereign Risk Speculation
Spike Spot Market Spot transaction Spot/Next Roll
Spread Square Squeeze SRD
Stable Market Stagflation STD Sterilization
Sterling Stochastic Oscillator Stockbroker Stocky
Stop Loss Strategy Stop Order Stop Price STP - Straight Through Processing
Straddle Strangle Strike Price Strip
Structural Unemployment Sub-account Support Support Costs
Surrogate [item] Driver Sustaining Activity Swap Swaption
Swing Option Swissy Symmetrical Triangle SYP
Systematic Risk SZL


T+ Take Profits
Take the Offer Take-Profit Order (T/P) Target Costing Tasks
Technical Analysis Technical Correction Technical Indicators Technical Trader
TED Spread Terms of Trade (TOT) THB Theory of Constraints
Theta Thin Market Tick Ticker
Tier One Tightening TJS TMM
TND Tokyo Inter-bank Offered Rate (TIBOR) Tomorrow Next TOP
Total Return Total Return Swap (TRS) Tracing Trade Credit
Trade Date Trade Price Response Tradeable Amount Trading Margin Excess
Trading Model Trading Platforms Trailing Stop Order Tranche
Transaction Transaction Cost Transaction Date Treasury Securities
Trend Trend Lines Triangular Arbitrage Triple Top
Triple witching hour TRY TTD Turnover
TWD Two-Tier Market Two-Way Price TZS


UAH UGX Unconvertible Currency Uncovered Position
Underlying Asset Undervalued Unemployment Rate Unit
Unit Cost Unit Labor Costs Unit of Driver Measure University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index
Unrealized Profit And Loss Uptick Uptick Rule US Dollar Index (USDX)
US Prime Rate US Treasury USD UYU


V Formation Valuation Value Analysis
Value at Risk Value Chain Analysis Value Date Value Today
Value-Adding/Non-Value-Adding Vanilla Variance Variation Margin
VEB Vega Velocity of Money VIX
VND Volatility Volatility Smile/Skew Volume
Vostro Account VUV


Wage Price Index Warrant
Wedge Weekly Charts Whipsaw Whisper Number
Wholesale Money Wholesale Price Index Wire Transfer Withholding Tax
Working day World Bank World Trade Organization (WTO) Writer




Y-Share Y2K Yale School of Management - Yale SOM
Yankee Bond Yankee Certificate Of Deposit Yankee Market Yard
Year over year (YOY) Year to Date (YTD) YER YER
Yield Yield Curve Yield on cost (YOC) Yield to Call (YTC)
Yield to Maturity (YTM) Yield to Worst (YTW) Yupcap


Z-Certificate Z-Score Z-Share Z-Test
Z-Tranche Zacks Investment Research ZAR Zero Balance Account (ZBA)
Zero Basis Risk Swap (ZEBRA) Zero Bound Zero Cost Collar Zero Coupon
Zero Coupon Bond Zero Coupon Inflation Swap Zero lot line Zero Minus Tick
Zero Plus Tick Zero Prepayment Assumption Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) Zero-Beta Portfolio
Zero-Coupon Bond Zero-Coupon Certificate Of Deposit (CD) Zero-Coupon Convertible Zero-Coupon Mortgage
Zero-Floor Limit Zero-Investment Portfolio Zero-One Integer Programming Zero-Rated Goods
Zero-Sum Game Zero-Volatility Spread (Z-Spread) Zeta Model Zig Zag Indicator
ZMK Zombie Bank Zombie Debt Zone Of Possible Agreement
Zone Of Support Zoning Ordinance Zvi Griliches ZWD
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