Forex market hours

Forex market hours people say are 24*5.5 - Yes & No. It's true since you can execute a trade 6 days a week, but false because these are not active trading hours (as shown below). Trading during non-trading hours is least profitable because currency fluctuations are least during these times. As a corollary, the best times to trade are when the trading hours overlap (represented by the black arrows).

Best forex market hours to trade

Forex is a 24*5.5 market. But trading volume differs a lot from hour to hour. European market hours (2am to 10am EST and 7am to 3pm GMT) overlaps with both Asian market and North American market and therefore have the largest trading volume.

Although the market is open 24h, not all times are equal to trade. The number and volume of trades affect the typical spread. Using US East hours the best and worst time to trade EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and USDCHF are

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