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You can now find all your forex trading strategies in one place. We know that learning without practice is like a canon without gun powder. So at you will find regular updates of forex strategies to fuel your trading needs.

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Forex strategies by style

Statistically speaking the forex markets are ranging 70% to 80% of the time. "Ranging forex strategies" provide ways to make handsome pips in these market conditions.

"Trending forex strategies" can be used when the forex market is trending up or down. Do note that these forex strategies are riskier, but come with a higher potential upside.

Lagging forex trading strategies

Forex trading strategies that are based on lagging indicators are better suited to predict future trends and price directions accurately than most other forex strategies.

Leading forex strategies

Using leading forex strategies you can identify early trend signals in price movements with the potential for higher returns at a corresponding risk profile.

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There are many factors that affect exchange rates of currencies. However some are more important in currency trading than others. These are; Interest and Inflation rates, Trade balance, Currency market speculation, Foreign investment and Central bank market intervention. Learn how to use these factors in your forex tra ...

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