Forex Market vs Stocks

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Forex vs Stocks -

The largest financial market

This is where countries trade. $4 Trillion in daily turnover, the forex markets dwarf all other financial markets in the world. The forex market is predominantly a trading venue while the stocks can be used as an investment and in speculative trading. What is Forex?

Forex Market

Forex Advantages Forex Stocks
24-Hour Trading Market YES No
Minimal or no Commission YES No
Market Orders Execute Instantly YES No
Indifferent to Falling Markets YES No
No Middlemen YES No
Market Manipulation Next to Impossible YES No
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Interoperable tools

Tools and strategies (especially ones based on technical analysis) used in forex and stock trading have a significant overlap. dedicates a section for tools and a full-fledged Forex Strategy Centre. You will find the latest updates in strategies and study material you will need in to trade in the forex market.

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